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Meet our Farm Yard

Our Farm Yard

Donkeys & Shetland Ponies

We have both standard and miniature donkeys. Clover, the youngest of our miniature donkeys was a surprise arrival when she was born at the farm one January. Lexi and Flower our resident ponies are always pleased to meet and greet our guests! The all enjoy being groomed and thundering around the paddocks.

Berkshire Pigs

We are the proud owners of some fine rare-breed Berkshire pigs. Not only are Berkshire pigs exceptionally friendly, inquisitive and fun to keep, they make good mothers. Ours came all the way from the award-winning Smallicombe farm in Devon and include Beaumont, our young boar. Look out for our other young boar, Winston and our beautiful sows Babybell and Bethan. We occasionally have litters of piglets born throughout the year.

Anglo-Nubian and Pygmy Goats

Our family of pygmy goats get very excited when they spot a guest coming with a bag of animal feed! They line up and happy eat right out of your hand. You can often spot them play fighting with each other, and generally being a bit cheeky. We also have some fantastically large Anglo-Nubian goats, which have delightfully floppy ears.

Herdwick Sheep and Lambs

Each year at Bucklebury Farm Park we help local farmers by taking in lambs that can not be supported by their mothers, and require bottle feeding. These lambs can arrive at no more than a day or two old and need lots of care. You can help us by joining our daily bottle feeding sessions throughout the Spring which are as popular with the lambs as they are with our young visitors!



In the barn we have a Pat-a-pet area where our gorgeous rabbits and guinea pigs can be petted by our visitors, usually a favourite for our younger visitors.