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Fab Family Day Out

− Fab Family Day Out

We had a wonderful day at Bucklebury Farm Park, the prices to get in are good value which includes a tractor and trailer ride arounf the deer which you can feed! Great to see all the baby deers too! …Read More

Review by john_farnden1 via Trip Advisor

I went along to this farm with my three grandsons. The place is excellent, wonderful animals, plenty of playground facilities, well kept, not at all expensive, and excellent eating facilities. Everybody loved it, and my three grandsons can't wait to go back.

− Review by john_farnden1 via Trip Advisor

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The best farm park for miles

Brilliant!!! Been coming here for about 18 months now and it's by far the best quality farm park in the area. Great facilities, lots to do in addition to seeing the animals - tractor rides are great fun and the play area is well thought out with lots in it. Couldn't recommend it enough!!!!! Review spremmynemmy via Trip Advisor

− The best farm park for miles

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Reviews from Google users

Great for kids, play area is great even if they're not interested in the animals. Everything is free once you've paid admission.

− Reviews from Google users

Mark Evans
Overall Very good
Great for kids, play

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