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Meet our animals

animalsIn addition to our deer herd we have a lots of other friendly animals to see and meet – from the cute and cuddly to rare breeds to some with an ancient ancestry…

Wild Boar

Extinct in the UK for hundreds of years Wild Boar can be seen again roaming rural Berkshire. As ancestors to today’s domestic pig, wild boar were once hunted throughout Europe and were renowned for their fearsome nature! Fear not, ours have their own secure area and are actually very sociable – especially Kong, our boar who really is the Big Daddy!

Kong lives with two sows and their offspring, and you are most likely to see the baby boarlets in April: they are very cute with their fawn and brown stripes.


Our two resident llamas are real characters. They are very friendly and not as snooty as they look. They live quite happily with all the other farm animals and share a paddock with our sheep Olive and OK.

Donkeys & Shetland Ponies

We have both standard and miniature donkeys. Clover, the youngest of our miniature donkeys was a surprise arrival when she was born at the farm one January. Violet and Jack our resident Shetland ponies are always pleased to meet and get to know our visitors, especially those who have purchased animal food on their way in! You get to groom (er, and muck out) our donkeys and ponies on fun, hands-on our Be A Farmer experience packages.

Lambs to bottle feed

Each year at Bucklebury Farm Park we help local farmers by taking in lambs that can not be supported by their mothers, and require bottle feeding. These lambs can arrive at no more than a day or two old and need lots of care. You can help us by joining our daily bottle feeding sessions throughout the Spring which are as popular with the lambs as they are with our young visitors!


We are the proud owners of some fine rare-breed Berkshire pigs. Not only are Berkshire pigs exceptionally friendly, inquisitive and fun to keep, they make good mothers. Ours came all the way from the award-winning Smallicombe farm in Devon and include Beaumont, our young boar and Bucklebury Belle one of three sows we kept from our first litter. Belle has a white stripe to the tip of her nose and you can see a picture of her in Woody’s Cafe.

Anglo-Nubian and Pygmy goats

Our family of pygmy goats are very naughty. They frequently escape, and use any  opportunity to steal any food our visitors may have – often eating the bag as well!! Thelma and Louise are our two Anglo-Nubian goats. They have bags of charm, delightfully floppy ears and love being groomed. They can often be seen being taken for a sedate stroll around the farm.

Cows and calves

Our small herd of short-legged rare-breed Dexter cattle just got a little bigger with the arrival of two beautiful calves, Snowdrop, Mary’s daughter was born in January with Primrose, Oreo’s calf arriving in March. These two calves are exceptionally pretty and friendly and we hope, will form the foundation of the Bucklebury Farm Park Dexter herd of the future.



In the barn we have a Pat-a-pet area where our gorgeous rabbits and guinea pigs can be handled by our visitors, usually a favourite for our younger visitors.

Guinea-pig village

A fun new addition in 2012, we have a paddock complete with luxury accommodation for our pampered guinea-pigs. They love the freedom to roam, zooming through tunnels and playing hide-and-seek in the long grass. Great fun to watch and a source of irritation to their neighbouring rabbits but don’t worry guys, Rabbit Town is coming soon!